Podar International School Saraswati Road, Santacruz

10) Podar International School
Saraswati Road, Santacruz | Website: www.podarinternationalschool.com


History: In 1927, Anandilal Podar, a businessman who ran cotton mills, founded the Podar Group of Schools. A trust manages the school, which was founded in 2004.

Unique features: The school will go completely digital in 2015, with the implementation of e-learning across various disciplines. iPads are being used by students, along with 3D technology, in the classroom to enhance the learning process. This year, students have secured outstanding results in the IGCSE and A-level examinations, by topping in the world.

“The school’s vision is aimed at attaining excellence in all spheres, and that has reflected in the classroom practices and students’ progress. I guess that is the secret of our success.” — Vandana Lulla, director, Podar Group of International Schools

Highest ratings for: Academic rigour, value for money, teachers

Boards: Class 10 — IGCSE, Class 12 — IB, A-level

Annual fee: Rs. 1,38,000

Students: 2,000 boys and girls

Student-teacher ratio: 15:1

Podar International School

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