RN Podar School Jain Derasar Road, Santacruz (West)

9) RN Podar School
Jain Derasar Road, Santacruz (West) | Website: www.rnpodarschool.com

History: While the Podar Group has been in the field since 1927, the RN Podar CBSE School was set up in 1998. The first batch of Class 10 and Class 12 graduated in 2003-04. It is also a centre of excellence, selected by the CBSE board.

Unique features: The school follows unique student-driven initiatives to give them ownership and responsibility of their own learning. It is the first school in the country to have formally implemented the flipped classroom learning model.

“When I see our school’s name on the profile of so many successful alumni, I feel proud. When ex-students drop in to school and when parents say they researched on schools and zeroed-in on ours, it motivates us to get ready to climb yet another peak.”— Avnita Bir, principal

Highest ratings for: Academic rigour, value for money, teachers

Board: Class 12 — CBSE, CBSE-I

Annual fee: Rs. 59,780 to Rs. 1,60,050 (depends on the class)

Students: 2,500 boys and girls

Student-teacher ratio: 40:1

RN Podar School

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