Interview of Shreya Ghoshal, Singer her likes and dislikes

Interview of Shreya Ghoshal, Singer her likes and dislikes

Birthday: March 12
Sun sign: Pisces
Place of birth: West Bengal
Hometown: Kolkata

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Atomic Energy Central School, Rajasthan; SIES, Mumbai

First break
Playback singing in Devdas (2002)

High point of your life
My break in Bollywood is definitely the high point of my life

Low point of your life
I’ve never seen a low point. I like to believe that they don’t exist

Currently I’am…
One of the judges on Indian Idol Junior

If you weren’t a singer, you would have been…
An astronaut or a genetic engineer.

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Bollywood singer Shreya Ghoshal

Who is your biggest inspiration in playback singing?
It’s definitely Lataji, Ashaji and Geeta Duttji.

Your favourite music director.
It is a tie between Madan Mohan and RD Burman.

The best thing about being a singer in Bollywood?
Bollywood music is very listener-friendly.

Bollywood’s most romantic pair.
Waheeda Rehman and Guru Dutt, hands down!

A song you can listen to on loop.
Kehna hi kya from Bombay.

I also love old songs like Aapki nazro ne samjha and Lag jaa gale.

A song you were nervous about while recording.
Whenever I sing for Ilaiyarajaji, I feel nervous.

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What kind of song would you feel uncomfortable singing?
I don’t like singing songs that have vulgar lyrics.

Three cosmetics or skin care products you can’t do without.
I use a basic face wash and milk moisturiser.

A dessert that best describes you.
I do not like sweets. But if I have to choose one, it has to be rasmalai.

Your dream destination.

Three things we will find on your bedside table.
A phone charger, a bottle of water and portable speakers.

The last time you had a bad hair day.
Today! I can’t thank my hair dresser enough for still making it look good.

What makes your day?
A beautiful smile and an innocent gesture.

What ruins it?
Reading the newspaper or watching the news in the morning. I don’t like starting my day on a bad note.

How do you destress?
I take a shower while listening to music.

Your strategy in a crisis.
I believe that when the going gets tough, you should just hit pause. Assimilate what is happening for 10 minutes. Your thoughts will be much clearer.

The last line of your autobiography would read…
I feel so blessed. Thank you, God!

Your favourite international singer.
For pop, it’s Beyonce. For jazz, it’s Norah Jones

My playlist For the gym: Electronica

At night: Classical music

On the road:  Mostly romantic songs

As a pick me up: Most songs by AR Rahman

Songs that embarrass you: Those with vulgar lyrics like Sarkai lo khatiya jada lage