Coolpad Dazen 1 Mobile Phone

Coolpad Dazen 1

Coolpad Dazen 1

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While it’s not a re-run of the Bruce Lee movie, the karate chops do have the same intensity. It’s a new entrant in India and one that you may not have heard of at all: Coolpad. [ad name=”HTML-3″]

It is a Chinese giant that is the third largest smartphone company in China and the sixth largest worldwide. While many wonder why it took them so long to enter the land of opportunity, it’s good that they are finally here as this company thrives on innovation. [ad name=”HTML-1″]

They have a long series of patents that they hold in the mobile industry, and have recently got a patent for
a totally frameless phone. [ad name=”HTML-3″]

While that phone may still take a few months to come out, what we do have here is the Dazen 1. A sleek mono-bloc phone design, a 5inch HD and 720p screen, great processor, 2GB RAM, 8MP back and 5MP front camera and a 2500mAh battery. [ad name=”HTML-3″]

And to show the full force of their innovation, this phone also has a patent battery technology that bumps up the performance of that battery by 50% using hardware. The final kicker is the price: Rs 5,999. Coolpad is about to heat things up in India like never before.[ad name=”HTML-1″]