Cricketer JP Duminy

[ad name=”HTML-2″]Cricketer JP Duminy says spending time with family and making a barbecue are the things he misses most while on tour.

What is the best part about playing in the Indian Premier League?
It’s developing friendships with different people. I’ve had the privilege of playing with three teams. You meet new people, play with great players and feed off them as much as possible. You also get to understand different cultures within your team.

Which Hindi phrases have you picked up?
Not many but there are a couple of rude ones that I won’t mention! But Kaise Ho, Shukriya and Namaste are a few that I’ve worked on.

We hear you are a more than decent golfer. What is your handicap score?
It’s 8 at Cape Town’s Metropolitan Golf Course.[ad name=”HTML-1″]

You began by playing in your backyard. Who was the first to spot your cricketing talent?
A guy who went by the name of Mr Jacobs. I was about 11 when he spotted me and ensured that I went to all the cricket clinics and junior trials.

After a dream ODI debut, you took a few years to cement your spot. What did you learn in that period?
I realised that there is a lot to learn before one sustains an international cricket career. So I had to work out a few things such as how to get the better of bowlers. I think it was a good thing for me as it gave me an opportunity to work on my game.

As a skipper, what do you think are the gains from the 2015 IPL season?
There is an upward curve in team performance. Delhi is a very young team. We’ve had some good games, but also some really poor ones. Next season, you’ll see some great things. It’s all about gaining confidence to come back strong.

What do you miss the most about home, when you are away on tour?
I miss spending time with family and making a barbecue. The other big thing about travelling is that you miss out on key moments from your family’s life, such as birthdays.

Who has the most interesting Twitter account among the cricketers you follow?
Chris Gayle. He’s very flamboyant on social media.

What do you generally tweet about?
I don’t tweet very frequently. But I like to tweet about my community project back home called JP21, to keep schoolkids away from gangs and drugs.

Growing up, did you have any non-cricket sporting idols?
I am a big fan of Tiger Woods. I play a lot of golf. So I enjoy watching the champion play on the greens.

How do most South African players stay so athletic?
I think it’s in our culture to be quite fit and to train hard during the season and even in off season. Think of the Jonty Rhodes era, how good they were in the field and how proud they were of themselves as a good fielding team. That culture has kind of continued over generations. [ad name=”HTML-1″]

Which was the most enjoyable moment of the ICC World Cup 2015?
The quarter-final win and also getting a hat trick in that game.

And which was the least enjoyable?
The loss against Pakistan.

Who are the toughest Indian and international bowlers you’ve faced?
Among Indians, it would be Ravi Ashwin. He’s one of the most difficult spinners around and internationally, it would be Mitchell Johnson of Australia.

How and when did you meet your wife, Sue?
We met at a cricket function where she was one of the models. That was our first interaction.

How popular are Bollywood actors back in South Africa?
There are one or two who are quite popular. Shah Rukh Khan is popular worldwide and it’s no different in South Africa.

A movie actor you admire?
[American comic actor] Martin Lawrence because I am a big fan of the Bad Boys movies.

You take your music seriously. What are you listening to right now?
A bit of RnB and slow jam. Music is a calming mechanism.

Your strategy in a crisis.
To stay calm under pressure and engage with people to come up with the best decision.

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