Mi4i – Xiaomi phone

Xiaomi phone

Xiaomi phone

China’s Apple
It may be called that, but to many, that actually is a disservice to the company that has become the number one seller of phones in all of China, displacing Samsung, Apple and a host of other homegrown, established players.

That’s an exciting position for a company to be in, especially for a company that didn’t even exist four years ago.
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Xiaomi entered India last year with a big flash (sale) and dominated the market as well as the headlines.

More people were buying a Xiaomi phone than could spell or pronounce the name.

Many have tried to analyse the success of this enfant terrible – they don’t copy others, they create an artificial scarcity, the CEO has become an icon like Steve Jobs (almost dresses like him too), and they sell at cost (sometimes way below) and make up by selling content (like Amazon).
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Thus the brand took off like a rocket in India and the first few phones were as coveted as a Kim Kardashian full frontal (hmmm, maybe I need to change that analogy but you get the gist).

But, of late, there have been blips with a few phones not doing that well. The phone that is supposed to put them back in the front seat is the Mi4i.

A unibody design, 5inch full HD 1080P screen, sunlight readability mode, 3120mAh battery with fast charging, Snapdragon 615 chipset, 2GB of RAM, 13MP camera on the back and 5MP on the front.

To those who are scratching their head thinking whether this makes it a seriously top-of-the-line phone, yes, it does. Then there’s the typical shocker with the price: Rs12,999. The mid-priced phone market is about to get a serious makeover.[ad name=”HTML-1″][ad name=”HTML-3″]