Your guide to Haryanvi language

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We have to admit, it took Tanu Weds Manu Returns to make us realise just how super the Haryanvi language is. And so we asked our favourite Jat boys and girls for their favourite phrases. So here’s presenting some swag.

[ad name=”HTML-3″][ad name=”HTML-3″]Ghana angrej say?
A rhetorical question reprimanding someone for being too anglicised
Usage: Did you just say, “yeah”? What is with that accent? Ghana angrej say?[ad name=”HTML-1″]

Manne kona beraa
Meaning: I don’t know
Usage: The IPL is FINALLY over. Can we pay someone to make sure it never returns? Manne kona beraa

Sab rajee khusee
All is well
Usage: So all in all, Mad Men ended on a happy note. Sab rajee khusee

Maar maar key tera mor bana dunga
I will beat you black and blue
Usage: One more Game of Thrones spoiler from you and I swear, maar maar ke tera mor bana dunga.

Nyun kay dekhe say?
Why are you staring at me like that?
Usage: Have you never seen a girl in a skirt before? Nyun kay dekhe say?

Kassutti chaal hai rey teri, chhori!
: The way you walk is spectacular, girl!
Usage: You have three boys following you home from the Metro station. Kassutti chaal hai rey teri, chhori![ad name=”HTML-1″]

Baawali booch say kay?
Are you stupid?
Usage: You liked Priyanka Chopra in the Quantico trailer? Baawali booch say kay?

Patashe mei makoda say
There’s something fishy
Usage: Shah Rukh Khan tweeted the first look of Salman Khan’s Bajrangi Bhaijaan. Patashe mei makoda say…[ad name=”HTML-1″]