5 ultra-cool, heat-free summer hairstyles

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TOPKNOTPrep damp hair with mousse, distributing it evenly with a comb or pad dle brush. Allow the hair to air-dry . Use your fingers to rake hair into a high pony tail and secure with an elastic band. Then twist and wrap your mane into a bun, fixing it in place with hair pins, not bobby pins.

Hair pins are more forgiv ing, if you decide you want to re-adjust your style. On the other hand, bobby pins lock in, and it’s difficult to take them out without destroying the hairdo.

Actress-singer Jennifer Lopez’s has made the super chic topknot her signature look and is often seen sporting it on red carpet events.[ad name=”HTML-3″]


You don’t need to wait for wet hair to dry for this one. Divide your hair down the middle, then twist each piece back and off your face all the way to the nape of your neck, securing with bobby pins as you go. Once the two pieces meet, anchor with an elastic, then roll and tuck the ponytail under, pinning in place.

TV star January Jones wore this hairstyle with edgy eye grazing bangs.[ad name=”HTML-3″]


A fishtail braid is a great way to elevate your look quickly .And it’s easy because you don’t need products -the idea is to work off already textured hair, whether it’s one day dirty or more. Where you place the braid is up to you. A centre parting with a low braid can be chic for a nighttime event. The higher the braid, the sexier it is, and the stronger will be the look.Want this style and just washed your hair? Add dry shampoo on the areas that need a little more hold and oomph. Actress Blake Lively has sported this fancy braid a couple of times and has always managed to turn heads.[ad name=”HTML-1″]


This season is all about maintaining fuss-free hair. To keep the heat at bay , opt for a stylish messy side bun. To do the hairstyle, simply wash your hair and scrunch it. Make slight curls by twisting and turning your hair with fingers. Then, take all the hair on one side and secure it with bobby pins. Actress Natalie Portman has been seen sporting this hairdo at a number of red carpet events.


Start by misting wet hair with a sea salt spray. Scrunch it in and let your hair air-dry . Then part your hair on the side and pull it back into a low ponytail using your fingers and not a brush. Pinch and pull your hair at the crown to add volume and to create an undone effect that matches the ponytail. Make sure that the look is not too messy . American singer, Hailee Steinfeld sports this look with elan.[ad name=”HTML-1″]