A vacation together could save your troubled marriage

A vacation together could save your troubled marriage[ad name=”HTML-1″]
Give your relationship the chance it deserves and reignite the lost passion by going on a holiday to your favourite destination
He who returns from a journey is not the same as he who left’… this is how a famous Chinese proverb goes. Perhaps, this is one of the reasons why a vacation could do wonders to your distressed marriage. If couple’s counselling isn’t helping, a getaway with your spouse to a far-off destination, minus the kids, could release some of the stress and worries of your highpressured lifestyle. No wonder, many relationship experts have been suggesting save-cations (also called Hail Mary moons) to such couples, as a last resort to save their marriage.[ad name=”HTML-1″]TIME TO RE-EVALUATE

In our daily, mundane routine, either due to work pressures or family responsibilities, many of us brush aside important issues instead of sit ting down and talking about them. On a vacation, away from all other distractions, and in a new surrounding, couples can discuss what’s bothering them. It gives time off from the usual day-to-day arguments that you may be having with your spouse and let you rediscover your feelings for one another, before you take the final call for separation. Whether it’s an action-packed adventure holiday or a relaxed, spa destination, couples have a variety of vacations they can choose from, to bond over.Also, apart from it being selfcounselling, for many it’s a cheaper option as compared to legal separation, to do away with marital discord.[ad name=”HTML-3″]


A getaway may not always be the magic pill to stop your marriage from falling apart.Especially , if you’re going to behave in the same manner with each other as you usually do: that is criticising, complaining, blaming, fighting with one another and bringing up of old grievances! A vacation like this will make sense only if you are genuinely motivated to better your marriage. But it does give you time to think things over and to decide whether to give your marriage one last chance.[ad name=”HTML-1″]


Both of you are stressed 247. It could be because of your responsibilities in office or towards the kids. You are always irritable and less patient with your spouse, which naturally leads to frequent arguments. You are spending less quality time together and have started to feel bored in the marriage. Your work, kids, extended family, friends and hobbies, all take priority over your relationship with your spouse. It obviously means you are not giving your better half enough attention and your marriage may suffer in the long run.

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