This Japanese Facial Massage Will Rejuvenate You and Make You Look 10 Years Younger (Video)

Japanese beauty experts are world renown for reducing wrinkles, preventing/eliminating sagging skin, reducing pore size, improving puffy eyes and under-eye bags by using a simple anti-aging, face contouring massage technique.  A Japanese Tanaka massage is an excellent routine to add to your skin care regimen.[ad name=”HTML-1″]

Results are visible after only 2 weeks as the techniques focus flushing out the waste in our lymph vessels and make our face less puffy and firmer.

The massage stimulates the lymph glands, therefore it speeds up the discharge of toxins and excess fluids from the face.[ad name=”HTML-1″]

Some of the most effective oils for massaging your face include coconut, almond or jojoba oil. Cocoa or shea butter are valuable alternatives.
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