Whatsapp Gets Five New Features

Good News For Android Users! Whatsapp Gets Five New Features

The trendiest messaging app, WhatsApp has unveiled its new update v2.12.250. After a serious of beta testing, the update is out and it is offering numerous features but the update is only for the Android users.
Mark as Unread:

With the latest update, users can mark their read messages as unread. But this option can be used to highlight the important message, since the sender is notified with blue ticks through which the sender can know if the message is read or not.
Custom notifications:

Custom notifications are provided with the new update. This feature enables users to customize the notification as per the need. He or she can assign any song or ringtone for the particular contact’s message or WhatsApp call and also block notifications of particular contact.
Mute Chat:

By receiving the latest update, mute option is extended to contact chat from group chat. This can be imposed on any contact by clicking on the mute bar in about menu and choose the duration of muting; 8 hours, one week and 1 year are the duration options available.
Low data consumption:

Low data consumption is a new feature that comes with the update, especially for those who use a limited amount of data. This can be activated by clicking on the ‘Low Data Usage’ option in call and chat menu.
No Google Drive integration:

Google Drive integration was expected in the recent update as it featured in the testing stage. But the latest update has disappointed those who expected this option to have a backup of WhatsApp chat history, images and songs.