A clinic that provides complete haircare solution

Bouncy, gorgeous and strong hair is not only the crowning glory of women, but also of every man.And Dr. A’s Clinic, widely considered one of the most advanced centres for hair restoration surgeries, promises to help you maintain your locks healthy.


It’s said to be the world’s first clinic to perform documented beard’s hair to scalp transplant by FUE (as early as in 2006), thus, making available a new donor resource for patients suffering from hairloss. According to US-based independently verifiable patient statistics, it’s also the top-ranked hair transplant clinic worldwide. The clinic is also regarded to be the first in India to offer SMP Scalp Micro Pigmentation treatments. No wonder then that it’s the only haircare clinic to be associated as `Hair Care Partner’ with Provogue Personal Care Mr India 2015.

An annual event, it helps in selecting representatives from India to compete globally at the Mr World pageant. It tests every aspect of the male partic ipants deemed necessary to become `India’s Most Desirable Man’. At one of the sub contests, Sagar Gera won the title `Dr. A’s Clinic Mr Healthy Hair’, and was awarded the same by Capt Dr Arvind Poswal (clinic’s chairman) and Bharti Poswal (director).

Dr Poswal is one of the pioneers in some of the most advanced hair restoration treatments, including FUE, BHT, beard hair transplant, FUHT strip, scar repair as well as eyebrow and eyelash procedures. The clinic guides patients through their journey to treating hairloss by organising free open house educational seminars on hair transplant every last Saturday of the month. And if anyone wants to meet those who have undergone hair transplant procedure, they can register at [email protected].

Where: Dr . A’s Clinic, B-104, Chittranjan Park, New Delhi.

Timiings: 10 am to 5 pm (except Sundays) Smsat 56161 Email: [email protected] .com