Bollywood on her beauty secrets

Kareena Kapoor Khan’s peaches-and cream complexion and kohl-lined eyes are enough to light up a room! We quiz one of the most beautiful faces in Bollywood on her beauty secrets

Kareena Kapoor Khan

Q. 1 Any person you look up to in terms of fashion?

My sister Karishma Kapoor. Whenever she steps out, whether it is her hair, make-up or outfits, she is impeccably turned out, and certainly doesn’t look like a mother of two!

Q. 2 What’s your personal beauty regime?

Honestly, I don’t follow a typical regime or procedure. It’s just about using some simple stuff like moisturising cream etc.

Q. 3 Are there any make-up products you swear by?

That would be Lakme kajal— not because I am the brand ambassador of the product— but because I think it’s the most spectacular eye pencil in the world. I have travelled across the world and tried all kinds of eye pencils but there’s nothing like Lakme kajal. Otherwise I prefer minimal make-up and if I had my way I would attend events without wearing any make-up.

Q. 4 Do you use any particular cream on your face?

I don’t use any foreign products on my face. Honestly, when I am shopping, the last thing on my mind is to buy a product for my face. I would rather buy a pair of shoes!

Q. 5 As actors, you are constantly using different products and styling your hair which tends to damage it. Any particular care that you take?

I think almond oil does the job. And I use Head and Shoulders anti hairfall shampoo. I don’t go to a hair spa and fuss over my hair. I use very natural basic things that are easily available. On a bad hair day, I just put some oil and tie my hair.

Q. 6 Share some diet secrets with us?

I eat parathas every day made in desi ghee. It lubricates the hair and makes my skin glow. I don’t know why people are shocked. No fancy foods like cranberries and antioxidants. I don’t spend money on those things.

Q. 7 What about some home remedies?

My mom used to mix badam powder with dahi and honey and apply it on my sister and my face. In fact, my sister still does it. I get yelled at because I am supposed to do it, but I don’t. It’s my mom who said that if we use this mix there would be no need to buy expensive products.

Q. 8 Could you share one make-up tip?

There’s nothing better than washing your face with lukewarm water to feel fresh! Otherwise, I don’t even use base when I go out! I know people tell me to use some make-up when we are travelling and dine out, because we tend to get clicked wherever we go. But come on, we are human and don’t want to wear make-up all the time!

Q. 9 Which cosmetic do you always keep in your bag?

Kajal and lip balm!

Q. 10 How would you dress for a casual date?

Apply kajal, use some blush on, blow-dry my hair and tie it in a high ponytail. And slip into my most comfortable clothes!

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