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SANJAY B JUMAANI, NUMEROLOGIST The marriage is on Sania Mirza



Sania Mirza has entered her 24th year which totals upto ‘6’ — a number that tallies with her birthdate (November 15). It’s the same with the controversies tailing her because it’s all in her numbers. Her name, Sania Mirza totals upto 26 = 8, the number of Saturn, the planet of extremes. It can take you to heights of glory and also bring you down, and Sania has been on the end of the whip lately. And while the year is going to be eventful for Sania, when it comes to marriage, there’s nothing positive about the union.

Sania is a Scorpio and Shoaib, an Aquarius. There’s nothing healthy about the water-air combo. Both share a common destiny number in 5, and so should settle down in Dubai, which totals to 14=5 and is surrounded by water. Otherwise, numerologically speaking it’s not a match made in heaven.

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Gautam Gulati’s Bigg Boss win was predicted?

Astro numerologist Sanjay B Jumaani had predicted Gautam Gulati will win the latest season of Bigg Boss on social networking sites before the actor was declared as the winner recently.



Jumaani, who has been felicitated with several awards in the field of numerology, had already completed a hat-trick by predicting the winners of the previous seasons — he had selected Shweta Tiwari, Juhi Parmar and Urvashi Dholakia as winners when invited on the show during the earlier seasons. “Gautam Gulati is a number 9 (27/11); Rahul Roy, Vindu Dara Singh and Urvashi are number 9s, who have won the show in the past. Number 9s, governed by Mars, are fighters and do well in sports, politics and the armed forces. 3, 6, 9 are a family — Bigg Boss as well as its international counterpart Big Brother both add to 6, which is Venus and means entertainment. Salman (27/12) is a number 9 as well. Another number 9, Akshay Kumar (9/9) has visited the show most frequently — six times while promoting his films. Farah Khan, who took over as host during the last few weeks, is also a number nine (9/1). The 3, 6, 9 magic worked for Gautam, too, since he’s ruled by all these numbers (27+11+1984=6 and 27=9, Sagittarius ruler is 3, Jupiter.),” says Jumaani. (

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Astro-numerologist Sanjay B Jumaani explains what your numbers

What 2015 has in store for you

Astro-numerologist Sanjay B Jumaani explains what your numbers have to say about the New Year
The year 2015 totals up to 8 (2+0+1+5). The number 8 is represented by Saturn that has a strong effect on the first two months of the year, namely the Capricorn and Aquarius zo diac signs. This is the only planet that rules for two months continuously . The Libra pe riod is also influenced by 8 (Saturn) jointly with 6 (Venus). Those born in this period, along with on the 8th, 17th and 26th, are influenced by number 8. It’s believed that Saturn (Shani) brings about delays and misfortunes, but this is not always the case.Saturn is regarded as the Lord of Judgment. Saturn teaches us that life is not always a bed of roses. And when Saturn gives, it can give in abundance. Num ber 8 is also quite spiritual, which is why most renowned saints have been born on the 8th, 17th or 26th.

The year 2015 could be extreme for those born on a No 4 (Uranus) or dates which add up to 4 or 8, like 4th, 8th, 13th, 17th, 22nd, 26th or 31st. Those born under the numbers 1 (Sun), 3 (Jupiter), 5 (Mercury) and 6 (Venus) can expect a smoother sailing this year.

To appease Saturn, hard work and good deeds are the best ways.

Apart from this, using one’s lucky numbers, colours and a fortunate name can avoid problems connected to this number.

There are two circles in the figure 8, one on top while the other is at the bottom. Peo ple affected by this number usually tend to get caught in either the upper or the lower cir cle, denoting either a powerful life or one filled with mishaps. There is hardly ever a middle path.

We get 8 if the year is written as 2015, so if we write ’15 instead of 2015 it adds up to 6, denoting Venus (harmony).


India adds up to the number 12 that denotes sacrifice. If it was officially named Bharat, it would add up to the peaceful and prosperous number 15. While there would be a few hurdles in the first half of the year 2015, as Saturn first takes trials, on August 15 India will enter its 69th year of Independence, which promises better times, as 69 = 6 (Venus).


Black represents Saturn, and wearing black can make us invite Saturn. After consulting with us, none of the IPL teams sport black, which is considered as inauspicious in many communities, and is also the colour of mourning. Many years ago, I had warned Sahara Shri Subroto Roy against this, as he overdid black and got his staff to wear black uniforms, too. Last year, his IPL team Pune Warriors that wore black also had to shut shop.

SRK’s KKR was at the bottom of all the first four IPL seasons, until they changed their uniform to purple at our suggestion. They’ve won two trophies in three years soon after the change. The New Zealand ODI Team has been struggling, and has been wearing black for ages. To reduce the influence of Saturn in 2015, we should use all shades of blue that represents Venus.


There is, however, one extreme side of Saturn (Shani) that can take one to great heights as well, so number 8s can rejoice, too. Incidentally, Dr Manmohan Singh and PM Narendra Modi are both number 8s, whose names add up to auspicious numbers. The best numbers for num ber 8 are 1 (Sun), 3 (Jupiter), 5 (Mercury) and 6 (Venus). Dr Manmohan Singh adds up to 1 and Narendra Modi to 5. Blockbuster Kick adds up to 8 and gave Salman fans a reason to celebrate. The extreme side of Saturn or number 8 can be gauged by the following incidents.Navjot Singh Sidhu was involved in a road rage incident in his 26th (8) year, and jailed when he was 44. Former Maharashtra CM Ashok Chavan was ousted in his 53rd year, Sharad Pawar slapped in his 71st. SRK broke his shoulder, his film Bil 53rd year, Sharad Pawar slapped in his 71st. SRK broke his shoulder, his film Bil lu and KKR did miserably in his 44th year, Akshay Kumar also struggled for a hit in his 44th year. At the same time, however, AR Rahman brought home an Oscar in his 44th year, and Gary Kirsten picked up the World Cup for India in his 44th year. Saturn also doesn’t encourage shortcuts, so speculative industries like stock markets or gambling of any kind usually don’t favour number 8s. Stock markets may feel jittery, especially till 1508. Along with taking trials, it also blesses one with will-power and determination. Industries that demand patience, like invest ments in landproperty , farming, mining, agriculture, research, sci ence, spirituality , yoga, alternate sciences and accountancy may do better in 2015 than last year.




People born on the 1st, 10th, 19th and 28th of any month are termed as Number 1 people, ruled by the Sun. Leos are also ruled by the Sun, though indirectly. In Numerology , the number 1 rep resents the Sun and so is a fortunate number, especially if the person it represents is in charge or in a position of authority . The relation between number 1 and 8 (2015) is as harmo nious or disharmonious as a father-son relationship.

Number 1s could face a little strain initially, but overall it will be a decent year, and the second half can cover up well enough for the first. While your juniors will look upon you for light, avoid altercations with elders.

Try taking a second opinion, particularly from elders.

Try to focus on your goals. Despite initial delays, your enthusiasm, when combined with hard work, can turn the tide in your direction. Take extra care of your health. Financially , too, the second half looks more promising. Those wanting to invest in land should not wait further.



Number 2 represents the Moon, and they are peo ple born on the 2nd, 11th, 20th and 29th of any month. Cancerians are partially ruled by Moon too. The relation between number 2 and 8 (2015) is not a very amiable one, hence you could face a few hurdles in achieving your targets. Try to stay unruf fled ­ regular yoga, pranayam or medita tion with exercise will help overcome many tricky situations this year. Be careful before making a huge investment, both fi before making a huge investment, both fi nancially and emotionally . Instead of looking for motivation from outsiders, try to depend on yourself for most things. But if you work hard, chances are you could come up trumps. Those in creative or service-providing fields could do better.



People born on the 3rd, 12th, 21st and 30th of any month are termed as Number 3 people, ruled by the biggest planet Jupiter, which also influences Pisceans and Sagittarians. The number 8 (2015) and 3 are accommo dating of each other, with Jupiter (Guru), that’s like a teacher while Saturn (Shani) a strict principal. Both be lieve in trials and tests, so gear up for being tested and examined. Think long-term and avoid short-term speculations. Or else it would be a mixed year, where you would see great progress at times, and setbacks at oth er occasions. Financially , it appears to be a better year than 2014. A better year to kick-start a new project or enterprise, provided you are ready to wait to break even. Not the time for commercial part nerships, so trust only your own intu itions in finances as well as relations. Try not to lose friends, both old and new and curb the tendency to over-indulge.



People born on the 4th, 13th, 22nd and 31st of any month are termed as number 4s, ruled by Uranus. Uranus (4) is linked with the Sun (1), so they are also indirectly influenced by the magnetic rays of the Sun. The numbers 8 (2015) and 4 attract each other strongly which can be extreme, too, hence it would be a par ticularly eventful year with fortunes that could swing either way . Look before you leap, especially if it’s something as important as marriage or joining another organization. Your finances may require streamlining and your attention. Problems might crop up in personal relations if you do not think before you speak. On the other hand, if not laid-back in your approach, you could win accolades for your brave performances. Take particular care of your legs and urinary tract.



People born on the 5th, 14th, 23rd of any month are termed as num ber 5s, ruled by Mercury , the fastest. Geminis and Virgos are ruled by Mercury , too. As the numbers 5 and 8 share an affinity and are friendly to each other, this would be a better year for you, especially in financial matters.

Travel is indicated too. However, this could also be a stressful year if you let your mind wander. Worrying comes naturally and unnec essarily to you. Stress can cause stomach ail ments, too, apart from making you irritable and shorttempered. But Mercury blesses with recuperative powers, ensuring that you bounce back from difficult situations. Nervous disorders can be warded off with an emerald and with you learning to focus on one thing at a time. Relationships will get healthier with your optimism.



People born on the 6th, 15th and 24th of any month are termed as number 6, ruled by Venus. Venus also governs Librans and Taurus born. As the numbers 6 and 8 are friendly to each other, people born under this number or these signs would have a comparatively better year. Focus through the year would be on relations, material gains and social gatherings. A wide range of fluctuations could be seen with regards to your emotions, so try not to go overboard. Do not always listen to your heart alone. Take care of those dependent on you. Those looking for a new property can be rewarded if finances are in order. At the same time, try not to take huge loans that run an element of heavy risk, unless it’s a fairly calculated proposition. Those waiting for marriage may need to bide some more time. For students, it could be a good year to improve your qualifications and simultaneously raise the bar.



People born on the 7th, 16th and 25th of any month are termed as number 7s, ruled by Neptune, and such persons are also under the influence of the interchangeable number 2 of Moon. Cancerians are also ruled by 7 (and 2). The relation between 7 and 8 (2015) is like `so nd 2). The relation between 7 and 8 (2015) is like `so close yet so far’. The focus should be on continuity so prod on; the efforts made in 2014 (7) could fruc tify, helping you buy time. You could also peri odically live on past laurels though it would be foolish to thrive or bank on them often.

Frequent mood swings could be indicated this year. The number 8 (Saturn) teaches will power so long-cuts would not necessarily mean a waste of time. Take out some time for spirituality and meditation. Though financially you could think to be in a spot of bother, it could be more because of your insecurity than actual trouble. Travel could materialise and you could get love and support from loved ones, so reciprocate by showing them your gratitude.



People born on the 8th, 17th, and 26th of any month are termed as number 8s, ruled by Saturn. The number 8 also presides over the zodiacal signs of Capricorns, Aquarians and Librans. The year 2015 too adds up to 8, which when coupled with your primary Number (8) may ensure that you have an extremely eventful year Saturn, the strict Lord Of Judgment is clinical; as you sow, so shall you reap is what Saturn wants you to believe in. In most spheres, be it physical, mental, financial or emotional, there could be an obvious delay but with an escalation or bonus that will be justifiable.Investments in land could give you good returns, but nothing short-term. Those looking to get married could bite the line. Spiritually, too, this is a rewarding year as you would gai wisdom from the wise and learned. The mantra for the year should be the 3 Ps ­ practicality, patience and perseverance.



People born on the 9th, 18th and 27th of any month are termed as number 9s, governed by Mars, and Scorpions and Ari ans, too, are Mars-ruled. The number 8 (2015) and 9 are not exactly best of friends, so you must brace for a rocky path in the coming year. The good news is that time flies and 2016 will add up to 9, same as your primary number. Try not to let your ego come in the way , sometimes it’s best to sit back and enjoy the view instead of being in the driver’s seat at all times. Be wary of minor ac cidents or sudden illnesses. Financially , you could make money , but keep a tab on the expenses. Keep r temper to avoid messing up on the relationships a check on your temper to avoid messing up on the relationships front. Take the year as an opportunity to plan. Research and development are important before you can strike in 2016.

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Numerologist Jumaani scores again

After accurately picking Shweta Tiwary from 10 contestants as the first choice for Bigg Boss last year when invited as a guest by Salman, (video on a lot of people naturally expected Astro-Numerologist Sanjay B Jumaani to predict the winner again this year.

In his Facebook post much before Juhi was crowned as winner, she was his first choice amongst the last five. He predicted that Juhi (14/12/1980) had the best chances of winning Season 5 as she’s a No 5 in her 32nd (5) year in 2012 (5).

Jumaani was recently presented the Bharat-Nirman Award for being a Super-Achiever in his field by the Mayor of Delhi. And on SRK’s birthday, Jumaani had predicted that No 2, Shahrukh (2/11/1965) would rock in his 47th (4+7=2) year saying Don ko pakadna maamunkin hoga! Don 2 incidentally crossed 200 crores to become Bollywood’s ninth highest grosser. The Dirty Picture was spelt by Jumaani while predicting that his client, Ekta Kapoor will become very successful in her film ventures, too.

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Canadian government honors Astro-numerologist Sanjay B Jumaani in Calgary

Canadian government honors Astro-numerologist Sanjay B Jumaani in Calgary



Astro-numerologist Sanjay B Jumaani was recently honoured by the Canadian government, when the House of Commons welcomed and felicitated him as an ‘Outstanding and World-Renowned Numerologist’ during his visit to Calgary.


“Devinder Shory, Member of Canadian Parliament, bestowed the honour, which recognises us for our contribution in the field of numerology,” says Jumaani. Aanand L Rai’s hat-trick Jumaani has many clients in Bollywood, and said that currently he’s happy for director Aanand L Rai, who used to direct TV serials when he spelled his name differently. He says, “The new spelling of his name, along with his hard work, took him to the big screen. Tanu Weds Manu added to a readymade number so no changes were suggested. But when he was going to name the sequel as TWM-2, I suggested that he add ‘Returns’ instead, as it added to a better number. So, I am happy that the film became the highest-grossing film (nearly Rs 150 crore) of this year.”


Before this, the astro-numerologist suggested the spelling Raanjhanaa (with two extra ‘A’s). What’s in a colour? At the beginning of the year, blue was Jumaani’s choice for 2015. “Our clients Mumbai Indians surprised everyone. After adding gold at our behest, they are at par with another one of our clients, Kolkata Knight Riders, with two IPL trophies in their kitty,” he said. Both the trophies were won after adding the gold. He adds, “Gold represents No 1, Sun; and both Nita (1/11) and Mukesh Ambani (19/4) are number 1s, ruled by the Sun. In fact, the IPL final was on a Sunday, too.” 3,6,9 are numbers of the same family. Another one of his clients, Rohit Sharma (30/4) is a number 3, who was Man of the Match on 24th (6), wearing Jersey No 45 (9). “Another number 3 to shine was Harbhajan Singh (3/07), wearing Jersey No 3,” Jumaani says.

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Gujarati Wedding Cost budget and worksheet



Gujarati Wedding Cost budget and worksheet
ATTIRE (Bride Saree) 1,760.00 400.00    1,360.00
ATTIRE (Groom Poshakh) 890.00 350.00      540.00
ATTIRE (Attendants) 960.00 1,010.00        (50.00)
RINGS – Angathi 5,510.00 5,560.00        (50.00)
CEREMONY – Samarambh 370.00 411.00        (41.00)
RECEPTION 15,260.00 15,775.00      (515.00)
REHEARSAL DINNER 2,000.00 2,300.00      (300.00)
FLOWERS 995.00 927.00        68.00
GIFTS 365.00 330.00        35.00
HAIR AND MAKE-UP 850.00 900.00        (50.00)
TRAVEL (if destination wedding) 0.00 0.00              –
STATIONERY – Patrika – Kankotri 1,400.00 1,570.00      (170.00)
PHOTOGRAPHY 3,600.00 4,020.00      (420.00)
HONEYMOON 0.00 0.00              –
Total EXPENSES FOR GUJARATI WEDDING 33,960.00 33,553.00      407.00


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Over the past few years, the way we perceive food has changed drastically. Today, family dinner outings aren’t simply about going to a restaurant and ordering your favourite dishes.Technology, evolving lifestyle trends and innovations have revolutionised the A-Z experience of food. From homecooks to molecular gastronomy , Mumbaikars are exploring newer dimensions of the culinary world.Here’s what’s trending…



Jennifer Aniston’s Rachel in her popular television show Friends once said, “Cooking is easy . Just follow the recipe. If it says boil two cups of salt, then boil two cups of salt.“ Rachels of the world can now breathe easy as cooking for dummies has become simpler with ready-to-cook meal kits that contain pre-portioned ingre dients with simple recipe cards. All one needs to do is follow the instructions and since the boxes come with the right por tions of each ingredient, the risk of get ting it wrong is considerably reduced.

Since most of these meals are put together by professional chefs, the recipes are fool proof and ensure a lip-smacking dish! These are time-saving, healthy and great for working people, who want to cook a quick meal for friends and family .



For a city like Mumbai, homecooks are a natural resort. Their food is preferred by young working professionals who live alone and crave for homely meals as restaurant eating is neither healthy nor feasible on their pockets.Food enthusiasts are now tapping into the idea of homecooks and aggregating them on their platform and then reaching out to people via mobile apps and websites. Most of them curate homechefs -amateur as well as professional cooks. Unlike dabbawallahs, these pocket restaurants serve food that is better packaged, fresher and healthier. They are low on spice and oil and provide more variety .Homecooks also make specific diet food for people of different age groups. Be it proteinheavy meals for those who work out or a balanced plate for people hoping to shed a few extra pounds; one can pick what suits their palate and need. Saurabh Bharadwaj, owner of a homecook start-up says, “We have a bunch of chefs delivering different dishes to us every single day of the week. They submit a collated list of the recipes they will cooking a day before the week begins. We have a tast ing expert on board, who gives us regular feedback on chefs and their cooking. We also have a feedback button on every order that is placed from our app or site. A few years ago, it was all about fast food but now it is more about healthier food and homecooks are definitely growing in number.“



The digital age has infused a new breath of energy into culinary culture all around the world. Local food bloggers are increasingly using social media apps to reach out to gluttons and gourmands across the city . But what has changed most significantly is the language of these bloggers. Today , food blogs are more pictorial and not verbose, focussing mostly on what is popularly known as food porn. Because of smartphones, we are consumed by the tendency of clicking pictures of food that catch our fancy and instantly post them on social media.Food bloggers do the same -they go from restaurant to restaurant, click tempting pictures of decadent dishes and desserts and post it on their photo-blogging sites. “Food is the best way to leave behind the drudgery of one’s mundane life and the whole idea is to brighten people’s day with good-looking items. Today , there is certain reverence towards food and so we are careful to not post anything negative about any restaurant. We need to make sure that our pictures look nice before we go on to talk about the taste.These social media platforms are giving more importance to the visual appearance of food, over its flavour,“ says food blogger Ronak Rajani.



Want to challenge your taste buds? Nowadays, restaurants in the city are redefining tra ditional recipes using molecu lar gastronomy, one of the most popular culinary trends in the world. Modern food entrepreneurs are combining their fascination for chemical reactions and science with cooking, to form newer tastes and textures. While some five star restaurants have had these `lab kitchens’ for some time, today , more and more eating joints are using cut ting-edge scientific tech niques to serve preparations like pav bhaji fondue, foam gaajar ka halwa, soap cakes, paan candy floss etc. Some are also using liquid nitrogen and dry ice to create items like snow dhoklas, bubbling kulfis and chai ice-creams!



Instead of regular restaurants, Mumbaikars are stepping out to eat in alternative venues and spaces to get a taste of carefully-crafted cuisine. On the top of the list are home kitchens where food connoisseurs are dishing out community dining experiences. The Kapadias, a Colaba-based family, opens up their home every weekend to a small set of peo ple and serves them an authentic six course Bohri meal, which includes delica cies like Karamra (dessert made from rice, curd, nuts and pomegranates) and mutton undhiyu (a mixed vegetable dish with meat).Another example is of Juhu-based Gitika Saikia; she serves rare tribal Assamese food in the city. Foodies can get a taste of recipes made from silkworms and red ant eggs! Also hot on heels are food trucks. These mobile eateries that have sprung up all over the city serve a variety of street foods like burritos, kathi rolls, kebab, cupcakes etc., and cater to those people who want to gorge on junk food, but without compromising on the hygiene factor.



An interactive play in the city has actors cooking up a three-course meal and serving it to the members of the audience! Called supper theatre, the idea is to watch a show over food and drink and enhance the level of relaxation.

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Add an interesting twist to your fasting foods this season

The nine-day fasting ritual of Navratri can be made less daunting with some interesting additions to mundane fasting food.



The usual fasting menu includes sabudana khichdi, rajgira wadas, kuttu ke atte ki poori or makhane ki kheer but now the vegetarian vrat thaali boasts of innovative items.

Says Maya Patel, an avid cook who fasts for all the nine days of Navratri, “Many people are trying to tweak the traditional recipes by using ingredients which adhere to the fasting food norms. So, we have some innovative dishes out of the regular. Not only children but even those who have been eating the same vrat ka khana over the years enjoy these variations. We make crackers or cookies from kuttu atta, singhada atta ka samosa, sama chawal ka upma, kheere ke pakode, etc quite often.“



The food grains used for fasting are not only nutritional but are also easy to digest.

Chef Kayzad Sadri, who has designed a special Navratri menu, says, “During these nine days, a lot of people observe a special vegetarian diet that is light on the stomach, by avoiding heat-generating ingredients. Methi singhara is one such recipe which is delicious and healthy .“

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Get ready to sink your teeth into some `fast food’ with a differ ence! With Navratri having started, this special fare is taking over menus at eateries across Mumbai.Here’s what’s in store…

Sabudana Bhajiya



A restaurant in Babulnath is serving special faraal food for the next nine days. “It will comprise faraali sada dosa made of saama atta -a mix of singoda and sabudana, faraali pakodi chaat made of suran, kand ni pattice (yam), kand ka chilla, sabudana wada, sabudana khichdi and kesar shrikhand, faraali undhiya with rajgira puri for the main course as well as puri and batata shaak,“ says manager Cushrow Randeria.



kand ni pattice

A restaurant in Parel keeps a number of fast items, including sabudana khichdi, faraali thalipeeth, faraali misal, rajgira puri bhaji and more.One of their sell-out items include faraali masala dosa, an innovative dish that comes stuffed with boiled shengdana (peanuts), potato bhaji as well as sabudana khichdi.

sabudana khichadi


While sabudana khichdi is common during days of fasting, you can also tuck into sabudana bhajiyas at an 80year-old shop in Mangalwadi, Girgaum. Says owner Pradeep Velankar. “Upvaas items are huge on the menu. Also popular now are the faraali misal thalipeeth and pakodas, served with nariyal chutney .“






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