SANJAY B JUMAANI, NUMEROLOGIST The marriage is on Sania Mirza



Sania Mirza has entered her 24th year which totals upto ‘6’ — a number that tallies with her birthdate (November 15). It’s the same with the controversies tailing her because it’s all in her numbers. Her name, Sania Mirza totals upto 26 = 8, the number of Saturn, the planet of extremes. It can take you to heights of glory and also bring you down, and Sania has been on the end of the whip lately. And while the year is going to be eventful for Sania, when it comes to marriage, there’s nothing positive about the union.

Sania is a Scorpio and Shoaib, an Aquarius. There’s nothing healthy about the water-air combo. Both share a common destiny number in 5, and so should settle down in Dubai, which totals to 14=5 and is surrounded by water. Otherwise, numerologically speaking it’s not a match made in heaven.

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