Go geeky with a wedding website

It’s nuptial season and several young couples, other than printing the obvious invitation cards, have got down to
creating wedding websites for friends and family. These joyful online properties usually include the loveydovey story of how the couple met, ‘awww so cute’ pictures of them as kids, ‘not so cute’ pictures of them as grown­ups, funny
anecdotes, embarrassing videos – and, of course, serious stuff such as details of the wedding date and time, veiled
threats asking guests to be on time, and even a Google map of how to get to the venue. Many also add a contact page
for the RSVPs and an online Guestbook.

So how do you create one of your own that will announce your special day? Well, just follow the steps…

Step 1: Content…
What goes onto a wedding website also depends on the amount of time you have before your big day. Besides the usual stuff—‘lovey­dovey’ story, photos et al—you can also use the resource to find volunteers for important jobs: Someone to pick up the varmalas from the florist, a trusted teetotaller to handle the booze counter during the festivities (hic!), or someone to make sure that your wedding car is decorated just like how you wanted it. List these tasks out and invite friends to play a bigger role on your special day. The more the merrier, what say?
Alternatively, if you just need to make an announcement of the date and time, a single web page—(again) with a
lovey­dovey picture of you two—along with the necessary details will suffice. Of course, an RSVP page or a Guestbook
feature is always a good thing to have…
Step 2: D­I­Y or outsource
If you and your better half are—or either of you is—tech­savvy, creating a wedding website can be a fun activity for
those ‘together’ weekends. Heck, it could be your first ‘joint venture’. Just remember, if you’re doing this by yourself, you might have to search for a good hosting service and even register a domain name like SunilandRekha.com or
MitulwedsResha, before you can upload your website to the internet. A few services you might want to consider for this could include www.godaddy.com, www.bigrock.in and www.domain2host.in. 

Alternatively, google ‘domain registration + web hosting’ and take your pick from the results.

The second option? You could do what western economies do: Outsource. A simple Yellow Pages/internet search will
help you find a decent web/graphic designer in your vicinity. An advantage of professional help is that your site could be designed on your wedding theme.
And there’s a third option. Check out the box in this piece for a list of services that offer you a step­by­step approach
to creating your wedding site. Most of these are simple to use, and are free. For that little extra, however, you might have to pay. But still, these are not expensive propositions, and most of them charge you by the month, thus allowing you to decide for how long you want the site to be online.
Regardless of the option you choose, be as hands­on when creating your site. It’s your wedding, after all.
Step 3: Announce your site
So the site is done. Next step, announce it. Put it on Facebook, blog and tweet about it, make it your status message on chat programs, send emails to friends and relatives, spam colleagues. And hey, don’t forget to print out the address on your wedding cards. Have fun!
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