Rs.10 lakh on wedding venue decor

When it comes to setting up a stunning decor for their wedding venue, Bhopalites surely love taking the pricey route.

Wedding planners are busy thinking of new and exotic themes to set up the shaadi venue. Various themes such as waterfall, lord Krishna, peacock, moon, and Rajasthani, are much in demand. From cranes and hydraulic stages to exotic flowers – a lot of elements are being used to get the desired effect for the posh and affluent Bhopalites. And for high-profile guests, the welcome has to be equally grand, no? So, special performers and ushers are also being hired to escort the guests inside the venue. All this and more add up to apan ki big fat Bhopali shaadi!

Lavish themes in demand: Bhopal’s wedding planners
People are going out of their way to ensure that their wedding is the talk of the town. Says Syed Mohsin, a wedding planner at Rings And Roses, “People are shelling out big bucks for getting a decked-up thematic wedding venue. Lavish themes are in demand, according to which the entire venue is decorated. Themes such as water fall, lord Krishna, royal decor, peacock, etc, are very popular. The overall expenditure depends on the area of decoration. The cost starts from `5 lakh and can exceed according to the demands of the clients. This time, I have got orders for thematic decoration costing up to `10 lakh. When it comes to flaunting their classy taste, Bhopalites are not far behind their metro counterparts.”

A trend seconded by Nitigya Mehta, an event planner at Infanite Events, who adds, “The thematic decor involves the baaraat welcome, milan, entry of the bride and groom, along with lights and sound synchronised with the theme. For the varmaala, the stage is designed like a lotus or any other flower, and is a hydraulic one so that it can rotate. We use fireworks, colour-paper and flower shots that burst out in the entire surrounding. For flower shower, we also have a remote-controlled mini-airplane showering flower petals on the couple. The overall expenditure on such theme-based decoration can shoot up to `10 lakh, but Bhopalites are ready to pay that much to jazz up their ceremony.”

Kamal Bhandari, a wedding planner at Kreative Events, says, “Nowadays, colour-based themes are also in demand. In a single-colour theme, the lights, flowers, pandal, furniture, costumes of the artistes – everything reflects the same colour. All this can cost around `7-10 lakh, which is not a big deal anymore.”

Palace theme for a royal look
So what if kingship doesn’t exist in India anymore? One can always feel like a king and queen at their wedding! Says Akbar Khan, a wedding planner at Showcase Wedding Planners And Decorators, “Royal theme is a hit with Bhopalites this time. The budget of this theme shoots up to `8 lakh, which includes transforming the venue into a palace. Props are used accordingly for the required effect.” Vishal Ajmera, a businessman who got married recently, shares, “I spent around `10 lakh on the venue decoration. I wanted my venue to look like a palace, with everything as regal as possible. I especially called wedding planners from Indore to get the desired result. All my friends and relatives were to attend the wedding, so I wanted things to be as grand as it gets. Elephants and camels were also brought in to add some royal touch to the shaadi!”

Rajasthani theme for a king-size shaadi
Sandhya Bothra, an educationist, whose son got married recently, says, “I wanted my son’s big day to be a grand affair. I asked the planner for a Rajasthani theme for the venue decor. The sangeet, mehndi and baaraat were all based on Rajwada theme.” Ashok Pariyani, a businessman, adds, “I had my son’s wedding recently that was based on the palace theme. The entire venue was decorated with chunari, bells, artefacts with mirror work, and lots of other Rajasthani elements. The ushers were also decked up in Rajasthani style to welcome the guests.”


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