cool hair inspo

some cool hair inspo for the newbie whose frumpy hair has us bothered

The Hero actor may have a killer bod, movie star looks and Salman Khan’s mentorship, but his hairstyle still belongs in the frumpy-and-forgettable 80s. In his first film, he may have proved his mettle as a promising debutante but his hairstyle is clearly in need of an au courant upgrade or is that an understatement of 2015?

Sooraj’s chocolate boy look needs some Hollywood inspiration — picture Taylor Lautner exuding the werewolf bravado with his gelled and textured hairdo. Or how about Ashton Kutcher’s softer bangs adding to Pancholi’s boyish, youthful appeal? Even the pop star allure of Justin Bieber’s hair-do complements him as well. If he doesn’t like these options then he can opt for the long, lumberjack-ish hairstyle of Chris Hemsworth or geeky, side-parted hair of Daniel Radcliffe. Tom Welling, Zac Efron and Andrew Garfield — all their soft, floppy hair does justice to Sooraj’s hunk-next-door persona well. Hope he reads this feature and his styling machinery gets into makeover action ASAP…


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