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Sudeep Grover

Hair expert and trainer, Sudeep Grover discusses what hairstyles one can look forward

Can we expect anything new and outstanding in hair styling this year?
Hairstyles can be seen as the perfect reflection of a childish, yet feminine woman. Experimenting with styles right from ponytails and buns, to wild, extra-voluminous hairstyles is what’s in. Ponytails are back in a big way, proving once again their timeless character. Sleek straight hair will be the mantra of the season.

Do hairstyles change season wise or do they have a longer shelf life?
Fashion keeps reinventing itself, only to come back in a more refined way. So is the case with hair. Hairstyles change every season to come back with a sophisticated and polished look, while certain styles continue to rule fashion charts year after year. Sleek and glossy straight hair has been a favourite through the years and will continue to be the most sought after hairstyle in 2011.

Is India at par with the rest of the world as far as the hair trends are concerned?
India is getting bigger by the day, with the fashion and beauty industry here attracting attention and accolades internationally. The new generation is becoming increasingly aware of international trends. Although we are catching up, there still is a long way to go. New products and services are being launched in India at the same time as it is launched abroad.

When it comes to styling, what kind of hair is the easiest and the most fun to style and why?
Indian hair is ideal, as you can create a variety of styles thanks to its natural movement. It’s not very straight, nor is it very curly, so could be styled either ways. Caucasian hair, which is too straight, is the toughest to style.

Women from which part of the world can carry off almost any hairstyle?
London. I believe it is the most fashionable place when it comes to hair.

How much of hairstyling depends on the shape of the face?
The shape of the face is the key to styling someone’s hair. A good haircut will always camouflage the flaws to make the face look balanced. For example, a hairstyle framing layers on a round face will make it look more oval while a fringe on a broad forehead will make it look smaller.

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