To save your hair, do do this mistakes

बाल बचाने के लिए न करें यह गलती

Always had some trouble with our hair remains. University College London, in a recent survey revealed that the hair frequently to overcome problems related to the way people take some damage even let their hair. Daily shampoo for oily skin and hair, for instance, the use of hair dryer for drying on. All of these have a negative effect on the hair and hair loss becomes faster. Hair trouble avoiding small mistakes can be overcome to a large extent.

Do not shampoo every day
Do not shampoo hair every day. It takes children are weak and break. Chemical products are also in the best of times. Thus seem to be dry and lifeless hair.

Do not rub with a towel over hair
Do not scrub too wet hair with a towel. Wipe dry with a towel wet hair abandon once and something that should be applied only after air drying.

Do not comb too much
The misconception about hair comb hair often articulate, soft and quick long. Hair comb hair from too much more breaks. Then comb to gently massage onto your scalp.

Use hot water or dryer
The use of too much heat on the hair break-falling hair. Hair daily iron rod, should avoid the use of air conditioning or air pressing machine. If you like lots of hair to stalling conditioning regularly to good hair.

Get regular Trimming Hair
We often end up being done Trimming negligence. But it is very important for the health of the hair. It would also impact on their development. Be regular and get worse before it Trimming hair.

Apply shampoo before oil
Of oil to put on the hair without shampoo hair are rude. The head of the Russian, the dandruff and hair fall too much because it is one.


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