9 Fastest Ways To Drive Your Barber Crazy

Let’s be straightforward-you won’t realize it but you might be driving your barber crazy, and the fact that is relatively easy to do so doesn’t help either. Making your barber hate you won’t do much for the quality of your haircut, too.


So, if you’re a delightful customer, congratulate yourself. For others, here are 9 ways in which you piss off your barber, rather quickly.

You wear earphones – Don’t be the guy who puts his earphones and doesn’t pay attention to the barber giving him a cut, and then complains about how his hairstyle has gone awry. There is a word for that man-douchebag. Don’t be him!

You change your mind mid-cut – This is quite self explanatory actually. Haircut is not like shopping where if you don’t like the shirt after selecting it, you can pick another one. Better still exchange it, if you purchase it. But once the barber has already started giving you a cut, it’s rather impossible to change the proceedings midway.

You want to pay a separate price for hair trim – Seriously, you need to understand that it’s the same price whether you get a trim or a cut. It also takes approximately same time. If the barber has used his/her scissors-it’s a cut.

You think barbers are mind readers – They can’t dream of the haircut that you’d like to have, so, it’s probably better if you’re clear in your head what exact hairstyle do you want. This can be solved by bringing in photos of what you like. Tell your barber exactly what you expect and then settle for reality, after having listened to your stylist’s opinion.

You don’t stay still while getting a cut – They have a sharp object in their hand, and you squirming in your seat won’t help the situation either. This is a barber’s biggest pet peeve. If you don’t hold still, you might just end up hurting yourself.

You don’t listen to them – The stylist asked you to look left, you look straight. He asked you to look a little up, you’re still looking straight. He asks you to hold your head firm; you again turn a deaf ear because, hey, you’ve your headphones on! Sounds familiar? It’s about time you stop that.

You have unreal expectations from your barber – Though hairstylists encourage you to get celebrity photos, don’t expect by the time they’re done with you, the picture will be your mirror image. The maximum they can do is give you the exact same cut, but they can’t give you the same look. Get real!

You attend calls while getting your hair cut – You text or attend calls when someone is giving you a haircut. That’s just showing disrespect to someone who is about to change your appearance. If it’s an emergency, apologize and then attend the call.

You cut your own hair – You’re not a child, so don’t behave like one. That also includes cleaning up your own neckline. It can be very frustrating and difficult for the hairstylist to fix the problem. Barbers are not gods; they can only salvage the problem to an extent, post which you would have to make do with whatever little damage control that they could do.

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