Wedding card(lagna-patrika)s get a tech-twist

Wedding card(lagna-patrika)s are getting a tech-twist this season as couples in the city look to do something ‘hatke’ in the run-up to their big day out. In a departure from the traditional invitation card(lagna-patrika)s, couples and their families are opting for ‘interactive’ wedding card(lagna-patrika)s themed on social networking sites and film magazines.

Facebook-inspired wedding card(lagna-patrika)s are the most-sought after by people getting married this year. Named Factbook (to evade legal trouble), these wedding card(lagna-patrika)s are virtually a screenshot of the popular social networking site. With sections entitled ‘Home’, ‘Profile’, ‘Inbox’ and ‘Notification’, these card(lagna-patrika)s aim to be as interactive as possible. Such card(lagna-patrika)s also have the scope to incorporate a ‘timeline’ as well in which relatives and friends can congratulate the couple.

Medhavi and Deepika Sharma, who got married earlier this month, chose the Facebook-themed card(lagna-patrika)s. “We opted for it because they are unique. Plus, inclusion of a timeline makes such card(lagna-patrika)s interactive and intimate,” the newly-wed couple said.

Besides, wedding card(lagna-patrika)s have also been conceptualized as magazines. Surabhi Malhotra, due to get married in April, was sold to this “interesting” concept. “Such card(lagna-patrika)s give us a chance to share our stories and expectations for the future. It would attach an intrigue value to it,” said Malhotra, who currently works for a private company. “Guests will attend the wedding if the invitation is interesting. They will remember the card(lagna-patrika) for years to come.”

Introduction of concept card(lagna-patrika)s in the city has coincided with the entry of a small crop of wedding planners in Aligarh. Abhinav Agarwal, one of such ilk, was confident about the future of such card(lagna-patrika)s. In fact, he felt the introduction of video card(lagna-patrika)s shortly would be lapped up by the public as well.

“We are trying to introduce wedding card(lagna-patrika)s catering to a generation that is always on the phone. The card(lagna-patrika)s need to be snappy to retain their attention,” Agarwal said, before predicting a robust demand for such unique card(lagna-patrika)s in the future. “card(lagna-patrika)s are not just about inviting, but connecting guests with the couple.”

He also spoke of how invitation card(lagna-patrika)s are being customized by them to suit the couple’s needs. “People are opting for card(lagna-patrika)s that suit their personality. Recently, a couple chose their card(lagna-patrika) in the shape of a bitten apple, resembling the cyber giant’s logo,” he further said.

Manoj Pandit, who is a card(lagna-patrika)-maker and owns an establishment at the bustling Dubey ka Padav in the heart of Aligarh city, spoke of how traditional card(lagna-patrika)s are gradually phasing out. “With social media sites being a daily staple for the younger generation, unique concepts have started gaining traction in recent times,” he said, adding that around 10% of his customers ask for wedding card(lagna-patrika)s with their photos.