Women love to get romantic at

Women want sex at 11.21 pm, men at 7.54 am
When it comes to sex, most women prefer to make love precisely at 11.21 pm before hitting the sack while men love to get romantic at 7.54 am for a perfect office start, a survey reveals. The findings showed that women experience their highest sex drive from 11 pm till 2 am while men prefer to get romantic early in the morning from 5 to 9 am.“Men are ready for sex just before breakfast whereas women mostly want passion last thing at night,“ said Richard Longhurst, co-owner of an adult toy shop, revealed a website.The survey of over 2,300 people also found that people tend to settle down with partners who have similar sex drives to their own. The survey also revealed that 68% of women and 63% of men have dated someone whose sex drive was different from their own.

“It is no wonder that couples can sometimes struggle to maintain a healthy sex life when they feel frisky at such different times,“ noted the survey that looked at couples’ mismatched sex drives.

While men feel at their friskiest first thing in the morning, just 11% of women feel most passionate at this time.Only 16% of men want to make love just before they go to sleep, the findings showed. Almost two-thirds of women and half of men said they wanted sex as much as their current partner.

Just over half of men said their sex drive was pretty constant, compared to just 36% of women, who said their sex drive was driven by their moods.



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