Winter hair care tips for a luscious mane

As temperatures dip in the city (although not as much as we’d like it to), your skin will be among the first things that will get affected. Dryness, flakiness and chapped lips are a common complaint, which can be dealt with an array of skincare products.However, your hair also takes the brunt, thanks to the dry weather and cool wind that make a brief appearance this time of the year. Here are five mistakes that can wreak havoc on your mane and how you can avoid them… Winter often causes flakiness in your scalp, which is why oiling your hair is important. A warm oil massage will work wonders on your hair strength and texture, and also make your mane shinier. Tricologists recommend oiling your hair a night before you wash it, so that the oil works its magic overnight.While walking around with wet hair isn’t exactly an ideal option this time of the year, using hair dryers will simply dry out your hair, causing breakage and making them brittle. Instead, opt for air dryers. These work on the same premise as your regular dryer but with cold air, which won’t damage your tresses. Towel dry your hair, wait for 20 minutes and then use the air dryer.

Lifestyle choices also play a significant role in how healthy (or unhealthy) your hair looks and feels. During the winter months, your skin and hair need extra hydration, which is why drinking adequate water is important.And make it a habit to visit your hair stylist to snip off those split ends regularly.

Give your mane some extra TLC by pampering it with a deep conditioning treatment every two weeks. Experts say that this will help replenish lost moisture, which is commonplace during winter.Other benefits include nourishing and strengthening the hair, making it shine and improving its elasticity. A lot of women assume that they can skip shampooing their hair by a day or two during winter because they sweat less but this will only make their hair texture worse, say hair experts. Stick to your routine of washing and conditioning twice or thrice a week -this will ensure that your scalp is clean and you don’t suffer from dandruff.

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