Hair trend for this season: Balayage

The newest hair trend making its way on the to-do list for fashionistas in the country is Balayage, which leaves your hair looking sun-kissed. Though it has been around for a while, this timeless technique is back as the most requested hair colour techniques in salons today.

A well-blended form of ombre, Balayage -which means sweeping in French -involves dyeing the hair with a free-hand, rather than foiling or cap highlighting.

Though balayage can be used in the shortest of haircuts, it comes out in its full glory in shoulder-length hair. This low-maintenance hair colour gives the person the ability to achieve different effects -ranging from soft and natural highlights to something punky . You can also go for a shade complementing your skin tone. The best part is that there is no clear demarcation of coloured hair and uncoloured roots when the hair grows.

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