Changing The Default Product Availability Options In OpenCart

OK, in this blog we will be looking at changing the availability options on product pages which come with a default installation of OpenCart. The good news is that these options are saved in the database and drawn dynamically so there is just a little bit of work and you can change these availability options to whatever you like.

Out-of-the-box OpenCart comes with four predefined availability options:

  • In stock
  • Pre-Order
  • Out of stock
  • 2-3 Days

Although these are useful for the vast majority of stores, there are some who might want to customise these options and bring it in line with their company branding, or if they have unusual stock then you might want to add unique options that fit in with your product.

Adding the new availability options in the OpenCart database

Login to your OpenCart store dashboard and go to Localisations->Stock Statuses where you will see a page like in the image below:



Click on the “Insert” button in the top right hand side of the page and create new stock availability options as you need them. If you’re store uses more than one language then you will need to enter a name for each language to be used.



Rinse and repeat as many times as required and you’re done. If you need to set one of your new stock statuses as the default option you can do so by going to System->Settings->Edit->Option Tab then go down to the Stock section and choose which of your options to set as the default stock status.


That’s it! Nice and easy blog tutorial on creating and defining default stock statuses in OpenCart. I hope you have found this OpenCart blog post useful and, as always, leave me a comment if you want to ask anything!

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