How To Edit Or Remove The Continue Button From OpenCart Information Pages

Pretty quick one again today! In this post we will be looking at removing the “Continue” button which appears at the bottom of every Information page and redirects customers back to the homepage when they click it. This is bad practice because; one) its annoying, two) it looks crap and, three) it keeps sending people back to the homepage when they have finished reading an information page and therefore you’re not channelling your customers around your store properly. And that is just bad marketing!

So, only a quick fix and you won’t need much experience in coding at all to quickly spot the line of code you’ll need to remove from the template file which governs how Information Pages are displayed.

Removing Or Editing  The Continue Button From OpenCart Information Pages

Just open up your file manager or FTP program and get onto your web host. Then find this file:

  • catalog/view/theme/[YOUR THEME]/template/information/information.tpl

Just open it up in your text editor and look for the line which looks like this:

So, what you do here is completely up to you! You can add another button, change the one displayed or remove the continue button entirely and all three have their pros and cons so I will show you how to do all things.

Adding Or Editing The Continue Button

Nice and easy, just copy the middle line from above and paste it back in to have the same button duplicated. Then you can change the values to edit what text the button shows and where it takes your customer if they click it. Like so:

Create different buttons on OpenCart Information Pages

Remember to add in the style part of the CSS as this stops the buttons being too close and overlapping. The great thing about editing and adding your buttons is that you have a little more control over where your customers go after reading stuff on your OpenCart Information pages so it can be easy to create sales channels.

Remove The OpenCart Continue Button On Information Pages

Just remove the entire “buttons” div element to get rid of any buttons whatsoever on the bottom of your Information pages. So your blank page should look something like:

And it is as easy as that! Now you know how to add, edit or get rid of the practically useless default continue buttons on OpenCart. I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and as always feel free to leave me a comment!

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