7 Tips to Increase Your AdSense Revenue

Making money online is one thing, making money online that allows you to do whatever you want is a completely different story. We all dream of staying home and money going Cha Ching! in the bank. If only it were that easy.

We all want to achieve this dream, one way or another, but for those of you currently running a blog (especially with AdSense) you want to make a lot of money, and now! While we can’t guarantee you will make that money with your blog, we can provide you with some tips on how to increase your AdSense Revenue.

1.      Location – placing ads on your site is a fairly simple process. You are given code and you add it accordingly to your site. You can add it to the top, site, bottom, or pretty much anywhere you can add advertisement. Our recommendation is to add it at the top. Near your website name/logo. It’s a great place to see it and easy to click on.

2.      Multiple Ads – if the top isn’t an ideal location, then no worries. You can add an AdSense ad to other locations, on either side of your site, or even at the bottom. While it may be easiest to add it at the top, some people don’t like clicking those but prefer those at the bottom or even on the side. You want to give readers a choice, and adding several different ads (in various locations and sizes) you are giving them the ability to choose which ad to click.

3.      Keyword Focused Ads – Google is great in the ability to display ads related to the keywords you use in your posts. If you talk about oil filters for jet engines, you will most likely see ads related to that niche. You want to make sure to use keywords in your posts, but remember not to make it keyword heavy (your post still needs to make sense).

4.      Traffic Increase – the equation is simple more traffic = more clicks. You’ll want to generate traffic in any way you can (white hat methods). Be sure to network using the various social networking sites, and pass out business cards where you can. Get entrenched in your niche, and get personal with those involved. It’s a great way to generate traffic. Also be sure to check out our post on how to generate traffic to your site/blog.

5.      Filtered Ads – Google is constantly amazing people. The great thing about their advertising program is that you can actually filter the ads specific to your niche. If you are sick of seeing ads for shoes, when your niche is airplane seating, then be sure to use the filtering settings. You can select what types of ads you want to have displayed (up to 200 URLS).

6.      Create Multiple Sites – do you currently have one site running? If it’s earning you a great income then no need to continue. If you are struggling and can afford additional time (and have other great ideas for niche specific sites), then you may want to think about setting up an additional blog (or 10 more but you will be quite busy). You will have one AdSense account, but traffic coming from various niches and that means more clicks (and that means more money).

7.      Fluidity – fluidity refers to two different things. First you want to make sure that the ads you are using flow with your site. You don’t want to have colors opposite to your site. You want it all to blend in together. The second refers to ad placement within your posts. If you are creating text heaving posts, you will want to break it up, placing an ad within it, is a great way to provide some rest for the reader (and it also helps make your content more scannable).

That’s it folks, that’s 7 tips to increasing your AdSense revenue. But before we let you go, here is one more important to keep in mind.

  • Test It Out – like many experts will tell you, sometimes just testing out your AdSense placement will help you increase your income. This includes performing many of the suggestions we have made above. Look at adding various sized ads, in different locations, using both text and image ads, with different colors, on multiple sites, with various keyword focused ads.

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