Top 10 Essential Firefox Add-ons List



I’ve been an avid Firefox user for many years now and in that time I’ve used a lot of add-ons. So here’s my list… and fyi I use every single one of these add-ons on a regular basis.

1. Adblock Plus – This add-on simply removes all the ads on a web page. It does a good job of it for the most part but it can cause “some” problems with certain sites. If you frequent sites with lots of ads… this will make your online experience much more enjoyable.

2. FireFTP – I love this add-on! You can directly access all your ftp’s straight from your browser. It’s easy to use and great for those doing a lot of back-end website work.

3. Yoono – Yoono allows you to use all your instant messaging services in your browser. It also displays your updates for sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social media sites. Very useful for those big on social networking.

4. iMacros – iMacros is great for those who do a lot of repetitive tasks. This add-on will record your actions within the browser and then allows you to replay them. I have a daily routine of checking various sites so I created a macros to open up all the sites and enter my user info and passwords automatically. This add-on will save you a ton of time.

5. NoScript – NoScript provides extra protection to your computer by disabling Javascript and other executable content from a website. It’s sometimes a hassle to use but it’s worth it in the long run.

6. Password Exporter – If you’re doing business online, you’re probably registered to many sites with possibly multiple accounts. Firefox is able to memorize log in information but there’s isn’t way to export the information. This add-on memorizes your log in information and allows you to export it easily so you can transfer the passwords to another computer or to an employee.

7. RSS Ticker – This is a great plugin and one of my favorites. It ads a sliding ticker bar to the bottom of your browser with your favorite feeds so you’ll see the latest posts sliding across the screen. It’s unobtrusive and easy to set up.

8. Shareaholic – The ultimate tool for a link sharing addict. It allows you to share interesting webpages with over 100+ services (Facebook, Twitter, Digg, etc.).

9. SeoQuake – SEOquake is an SEO add-on that displays useful information about any web page. There are a lot of similar tools out there but this is one by far the best.

10. DownThemAll! – A download manager with a wide array of options. It also allows you to download all the images and links from any page… I find it to be very useful sometimes.

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