The Advantages of Using Google AdSense



Oh Google AdSense, how we love and hate you at the same time. Google AdSense has been around for some time now and many people are quite familiar with it, while others not so much. This advantages list was created for everyone; great way to see why we sign up and maybe why we would still keep using the service.

This is in no way telling you not to use AdSense. For some using AdSense is a godsend for others it’s just taking up valuable space. It just depends on your specific niche, and whether you are earning the income you need (want). So this is the first part of our two part post. Here are the advantages to using Google AdSense. (Be sure to check out Part 2).

1.       Easy to Join: it really is simple. Signup and you’re done!

2.       Easy to Install: there isn’t even an install option, you just grab the code, and enter it into your site. Google tells you where to add it.

3.       No Affiliate Programs: no need to figure out code or issues that may arise with affiliate programs

4.       No Extra Work: you don’t have to go out there and find advertising. Google does all the searching and prep work, and you just need to have the space on your site for the ads.

5.       One and Done: Google is able to display ads that are specific to the content you discuss in your blog or site. You don’t need to go through and find out what ads you need to display.

6.       Made for Beginners: AdSense is made for the beginner. It’s got a simple layout, and gives you the information you need to know (how much money!)

7.       One and Done (Part 2): because you can only create one AdSense account, you are able to connect several sites to the same account.

Well that should be it if you have any additional advantages please let us know by commenting below!

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