How To Remove Breadcrumbs From OpenCart Product & Information Pages


This is a nice easy guide on how to remove the breadcrumbs which show up on OpenCart information and product pages. The breadcrumb links are a bit annoying in my opinion and move everything down the page as well as often repeating the page title right above the page heading on many templates and themes. Keep your OpenCart store looking professional by removing this link and keeping your customers focus on the products or information on the page.

Removing The Breadcrumbs From OpenCart Information Pages

OK, so the file you will need is at:

  • catalog/view/theme/[YOUR THEME]/template/information/information.tpl

Just open up the template file and look for the following piece of code:

This block of text is just telling your OpenCart store to find the page routes and display them with a link to the page along with it’s title. Then it outputs the page heading itself in a

bracket. Basically you have two options here, you can either remove the breadcrumb or remove the heading.

Personally, I would advise removing the breadcrumb trail as having a “h2″ title with the page title (which hopefully has a keyword cleverly placed inside!) is really handy for SEO and for your customers. Just a row of links at the top of the page underneath your navigation bar will just look weird! I would also recommend changing it to a

tag to give another boost for your OpenCart and tell Search Engines that this title really gives an overview of what the page is about.

All you have to do for this is delete out the lines which launch the PHP function to discover the route. So you will end up with a block like this:

Then just reload your page and the links should have disappeared! Just leaving your shiny new page title!

Removing Breadcrumbs From OpenCart Product Pages

This follows the same thought process as before, on your product page it is important that nothing distracts your visitor and as much space is utilised as possible to create a focussed page that will encourage your customer to buy! Conveniently enough it also follows the same physical practice of removing the code, it is just the file which is different. Download and open up:

  • catalog/view/theme/[YOUR THEME]/template/product/product.tpl

Then just follow up the same process as I have outlined above and you will be able to remove the breadcrumbs from your OpenCart product pages easily.

Buy the vqMod file to remove the Breadcrumbs from product, information and category pages in OpenCart


Don’t want to do this yourself or can’t work it out? You can buy the vqMod file which allows you to remove these links automatically without changing the core system of the store! Buying this download helps me keep blogging and giving away information for free and helps pay off that terrifying student debt! Please note that I developed this vqMod for OpenCart, which I would recommend using as it is the latest at the time of writing, so it may not work for other versions.

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